Friday, February 1, 2008

Guess who did it!

Notice my diaper. One of my loving parents put this diaper on me a couple of days ago. Do you see something wrong??? The tabs are on the back! This "loving" parent diapered me completely wrong. The excuse was that the diaper was already laid down the wrong way, so instead of flipping it over the diaper was put on BACKWARDS!

My other parent put this diaper on me. Notice the tabs IN FRONT! :)
Now it is up to you to vote. Who puts diapers on me backwards....Mommy or Daddy!


robin said...

I don't know if I can wait 5 days to find out who put the diaper on backwards. It's killing me to know who did it!

millesworld said...

hehehehehe!!!!! I'm not telling! Did you vote????

23hotrod said...

I have to vote for Daddy !
I know that He is a smart teacher just like Mommy, but since I can say that, "I have been there and done that" - I know it's something
that a guy would do.

Love your web site - You guy's are great !!!!!!

You tooooo "Little Peanut" !


robin said...

So...was it really Daddy?

Anonymous said...

I think Mommy did it just to blame it on Daddy. That camera seemed very near the sceen of the crime.