Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ma & the Doctor's Office

Ma!!!! There! I said it. Maybe Mommy would stop being so sad that I haven't said Ma yet. So, Wednesday morning, after Daddy got me up, I walked into Mom & Dad's room and surprised her by saying, "Ma!" as I was looking for her! She was very excited to hear it!

Doctor Visit: We went to the doctor for my 12 month appointment on Monday. Here is what we learned from our visit. First off, I received my stats:

  • Head: 19 1/2 inches---95th percentile

  • Weight: 20 pounds-----50-75th percentile

  • Height: 29 1/2 inches--50-75th percentile

We also learned that shots still hurt! I got 3 more. Man they are a pain, literally!!! But I'd rather have shots than chicken pox and the mumps that is for sure.

Finally, the doctor decided that my right eye isn't going to clear up by itself...if it hasn't done so already. So, she referred me to an ophthalmologist. So we will see him in July to see what he can do to get my eye from always being so junky! It will be nice for people to stop asking me why I am is just my leaky eye! It always leaks!!!


robin said...

Congratulations on your first Ma! Isn't it awesome? Just wait till you hear an, "I love you Ma."