Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A New Baby & Other Birthday Suprises

Finally, I've had time to post pictures and details from Bethany's Birthday.
The day started out with a couple of Bethany's favorites. We had biscuits at McDonalds for breakfast. Then after a short nap, we met Grandma & Grandpa C. for lunch at Pizza Hut. I love pizza!!

When I got up from my afternoon nap, Grandma & Grandpa M. had arrived. We got to open presents. I got lots of good stuff....dino land, books, xylophone, and even one of grapndpa's old toys...refurnished by him!!!
We then went out to dinner at Red Robin's & some crazy folks came around and sang to us! We then came home for cake!!! Yummy!!
The celebrations carried on to Sunday as we went to Great Grandpa's for ice cream cake and more presents! Here I got a new outfit, some gerber yummies, a book, a couple sets of blocks and a new baby! (which brings us to the title of the post!)
As you see, it was a great birthday celebration! I can't wait until my official party this weekend!!!!!!


Abbie said...

I have pondered on this one and can't figure out what 'new baby' you're referring to. Are you really announcing a pregnancy in your blog? Or is this some other new baby? Please address this concern!

In other news, I am working on your photos!