Monday, June 23, 2008

A Pointlessly Puffed-up Pool!

Mommy huffed & puffed and fill up my swimming pool with the very air from her lungs. She then hauled it outside & lugged the hose all the way around the house. She filled the pool while I was impatiently watching. She got us both dressed in our swim suits which is a chore in itself! Finally the pool was filled to an acceptable level, we stepped inside it and played. 30 seconds later (literally...30 seconds later!) I was ready to get out! Poor Mommy looked like a fool sitting in her swim suit in a kiddie's pool in the front yard! Sucker! I had a great time throwing things in the pool like a gigantic wishing well! However, I did have a great time playing around the pool. Perhaps one day, I will play in the pool!


Abbie said...

'the very air from her lungs'- you crack me up, Jo Ann. Why did you put it in the front yard? Afraid you'd kill the grass?