Friday, April 24, 2009

Finiky Babies!

Finicky Bethany:

Bethany is such a finicky dresser. She usually has a preference on a top or pants to wear. She will request specific shirts (Elmo, snowman, cat, etc.) . She also wants to have input as to which pair of pants she is to wear. the weather changes she had issues transitioning to short sleeve shirts. "Sleeeevvveeess" she proclaims as she tugs on her miniature sleeves, longing to have them grow all of the sudden. When it is time for transition to shorts, she was very unhappy with the concept of her legs being exposed. I then resort to the line, "Well, Bethany all of the other kids at Jan's will be wearing shorts." Seriously...did I just use that line. Do you think she'll be allowed to use that line on us in 12 years..."But Mom, all my friends get to wear tutus to school." Yeah...not happening. However, the use of the line did work on Bethany to put on shorts the other day. And finally today, she was okay with having a dress on. She has been fighting dress for quite a while. She didn't even wear her Easter dress. She had a gigantic meltdown when I tried to put tights on her instead of her coveted pants. I decided that really is there a major significant meaning behind the Easter dress....I am pretty sure the resurrection of Christ could be equally celebrated with Easter khaki's. I even got her to wear her sandals today without Socks! Imagine that. No socks! That is a major accomplishment!!!! (side note: the sandals did results in a slight owie...but we'll just ignore that fact!)

Since Bethany has been more open to other clothing options, maybe our finicky days are behind us...but I (for one) won't be holding my breath!

Finicky Baby2:
Well, Baby2 is still inside....which earns him/her the title of being finicky. I understand the counter above does say I have 14 days left. However, all the books out there say that a baby 38-42 weeks is full term. And being that this baby wants to be nice to its poor, exhausted, sore mama, I doubt that it would choose the 42. So, he/she is welcome to join this world at any time now. We are finally ready!
At my doctor's appointment this week I learned that I am 1.5 cm dilated already. So that is a welcome change! He also stated that if I make it to next week's appointment, then we will talk about setting a date for induction--yet another bonus! And do you want to hear the greatest thing of all? Well, of course you do! I am officially in possession of a note letting me off work starting Monday. What a huge load lifted off my shoulders. I've been really struggling at being a semi-decent teacher while being as exhausted and sore as I've been the last couple of weeks.
Now we just have to work on sweet talking this baby out of his/her warm, cozy womb and join us her on the outside! I would finally like to have my ribcage to be left alone!!! But more importantly, I am just itching to actually hold this baby in my arms rather than just feel it dancing about. Plus, not knowing if it is a boy or girl is really killing me this time around! Perhaps, I am the finicky one in this situation. After all, I think I've heard that finickiness is genetic!


robin said...

How did your first day without school go? I hope you are taking it easy and having Cory rub your feet.