Tuesday, April 28, 2009

barefoot, pregnant & blessed

Seems like there is always so many things that we can complain & whine about...especially as a nine-month pregnant woman, I think I am entitled to a few extra complaints than the ordinary person. However, Cory and I have been trying to focus on our blessings and not-so-much what could go better!

So what if being 38 weeks pregnant causes me to have aches and pains in multiple places at a time; & that I am uncomfortable if I sit/stand/lay down, whatever; and if Baby2's feet push against my ribs so hard that I've actually wondered if it is possible for my ribs to rip my uterus open under the pressure. We are blessed that I've had a complication-free pregnancy and that as far as we know the baby is as healthy as can be. I just keep reminding myself that the longer that he/she cooks the healthier (s)he'll be. And...it is a blessing itself that God is willing to place two of His children in our care here on Earth! What an honor!

So What if Bethany has had a slight fever and congestion and a cough the pass few days. We are blessed that she is an overall healthy baby, who is jumping leaps and bounds on all of the developmental milestone charts. We are blessed that I was relieved from my work this week and we didn't have to do that dreaded last-minute-get-stuff-ready-for-a-substitute scramble that we've become all too familiar with this year. Plus, it was nice to have some Mommy-Daughter time before Baby2 arrives!

So What if we just learned that our playyard was placed under a total recall. We are blessed that Cory saw the sign at the store before Baby2 started using the playyard on a daily basis. I am glad that Bethany was able to use it without any incidents of it collapsing on her. Now Baby2 has a brand-new playyard to act as a safe-haven from his/her "helpful," yet curious big sister.

So What Cory noticed our only car is leaking inconspicuous fluids this weekend. So what it is the water pump, transmission something-or-another AND a striped oil plug-thingy. We are blessed that we have the money available to fix the car. We are blessed that this is all happening before Baby2 has arrived, before I've gone into labor and before things could've gotten worse for any of those 3 car-troubles could've gotten worse! So what that the dealer is taking 2 days to get the car fixed-up for us; we are blessed that we have family and friends to rely on while the ole' Grand Am gets better!

It seems that lots of things tend to pile up at one time....Bethany's lil' cold, the car leaking stuff, my impending D-date, etc. But we are blessed that these are our only issues right now. We realize that we are blessed in many ways & that there are so many other people out there with far greater issues and needs; but we all need to look beyond our issues in life and find the blessings!


Gina said...

AMEN!!! I love your post, we have to remind ourselves daily how blessed we are. Carter threw a BIG tantrum all through Wal-mart yesterday and while I wanted to pull my hair out I reminded my self how blessed I am that he is not sick and the cancer was found early. Thank you Jesus for our blessings! Praying for baby2. Gina