Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Getting my Party on!

Jump around!

On the way out!

Bethany got invited to her first party recently. She had a blast. All of her friends from the sitter were there...and even the sitter came! The party even had one of those bouncy things. Bethany was super hesitant to join in the fun. She would watch the other kids bounce, take off her shoes, walk up to it...but then chicken-out right before she got in. Well, eventually she decided to be brave and to try out the bounce house. I think she was glad she did...she was having such a blast bouncing around!

It was so much fun to see her play with her friends and interact with her sitter. When Bethany wanted me to carry her...but I refused as I am just getting too sore; she went over to Jan (her sitter) to get some quality loving! It was just too sweet to see!

Overall, her first party was a complete success! I am glad she had such a good time!


Rob said...

I think Sam would have the same reaction - being hesitant to join in the fun. It's great Bethany eventually joined in!

Sam has been invited to a few parties recently but we haven't been able to go. They've been scheduled in the early afternoon hours - smack in the middle of his naptime. And that boy needs his naps! Is Bethany a good napper?

P.S. We always enjoy your blog :)

Milles Family said...

Bethany is a pretty good napper. But we also run into the issue of things being scheduled over her nap time. She takes her naps in the prime part of the day (12ish to 3ish). It really does make it hard to plan for the day. Luckily this party started at 4.

*since our kids go to the same sitter...their naps align!*