Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Making me Smile!

Bethany surely has a way to make me smile.
Here are a few examples of Bethanyisms that I just love!

Example 1:
I always giggle at the fact that the official count of Bethany using her potty is: 0. However, the official count her baby has used the potty is: 47,348 times!

She loves to place her baby on the potty, then get a wipe to clean her baby, then the baby washes her hands. Bethany always comments on how "yucky" the toliet paper is after she wipes the baby. She really has it down. I am sure if I worked at home, then she would be well on her way to be potty trained. She already tells us when she needs a new diaper & when she is in the bath tub, she'll tell us when she needs to get out to put a diaper on. Potty training is on the "to do" list this summer after Baby2 arrives! :) If you have any suggestions, we are all ears!
Example 2:
Other things that make me smile is how literal our little Bethany can be. I've got to remember she is only 1, after all. It is hard to be very literal with her (especially if you know Cory's and my personalities!).

Anyway here are two cute Bethanyisms for the past couple days:

1) She was asking her daddy for a sippy the other day. Cory didn't hear Bethany. I told her to say it louder. Next thing she says is "Louder". (Although, really, it wasn't any louder than her request!)

2) Today we were at Bob Evan's and Bethany needed a refill of her water. She asked the waitress for a refill, however, the waitress was a good 20 feet away behind the counter. I told her she'll have to ask the waitress nicely when she comes back to the table. Well, low and behold, as soon as the waitress comes by our table Bethany exclaims, "NICELY!" This, of course, makes us laugh. Poor Girl, she follows the directions given to her and repeats her request, "Nicely!" We eventually translate her request to more water & she soon has more drink to go with her yummy eggs and toast!

Example 3:
Bethany loves to call us "Bad Boys." She has figured this out to be teasing and is always so sweet when she calls Cory and I bad boys. As soon as we look sad about being bad, she'll lean over and quickly reassure us that we are both "good girls". Then she'll grab our faces with a hand on each cheek and pull us in a nice comforting kiss. She is just so sweet!