Friday, March 13, 2009


Independence! There has certainly been a lot of asserting of independence in our household with both of the kiddos.
Kiddo #1:
Bethany somehow has gotten through her mind that she is a big girl and doesn't need to do things like a "baby" anymore.
Example 1: The store. She loves to "walk" in the store. This is an feasible request if we have an in-and-out mission like our typical Target trips. However, if we are doing some serious grocery shopping, walking is certainly not an option. Trying to convince her that this is not an option is challenging at times & usually results in tears. However, with persistence and a few Sesame Street songs later, she is a happy little cart-riding shopping fool!
Example 2: I've already mentioned she likes to eat in a big chair and not a high chair. This has worked out pretty well. However, at restaurants we do feel the need to keep her corralled. So the high chair is the only option & since she usually desires food at meal times...she doesn't put up a fuss.
Example 3: She has really just been asserting her thoughts, desires & opinions more often lately. When she wants something, she isn't too shy to let us know. If her desire is reasonable, then it is usually granted. Well, that does depend on how she asks for it. We don't go for that whiny voice "Elllmoooooo" nor for the yelling "ELMO!!!" All request must be submitted in a polite manner in order to be taken in for consideration. She is getting pretty good at stating her desires. Today she told Cory that I needed a napkin. This is how it went down in her Bethanese, "Daddy, Na-Kin pleas...Mommy." For a 21 month old, I was pretty impressed with this sentence. If she is looking for something it will usually go like this-- "Baby...where it is?" After searching and finding her baby-- "Oh, is."
Here is one of her latest requests, as we were organizing Baby2's room: Baby2's pacifier.
Doesn't it look ridiculous in there?
Showing off to Daddy that she stole the Baby's pacifier!


Well, I've been bad at keeping Baby2 updates in the blog. I've seen the doctor twice since the last time I mentioned him/her. Things have been going good in terms of development of Baby2. My size is "perfect" according to the doctor. I am glad that I am able to get a fat belly perfectly...that is such an acquired skill! My blood levels have dropped even more the last time I heard. They were at the level 2...which means they divided my blood once and the antibodies were present. At the second division...they antibodies weren't detectable. So that is fantastic news!

Now you are exactly does this mean that Baby2 is asserting his/her independence....after all, it is still very much dependent on me for food, oxygen, waste removal, etc. Oh...don't let that the fact that this baby is still in utero fool you. This baby is fully asserting his/her independence by making sure I know he/she is in there by using my various organs as his/her private punching bags. I am sure Baby2 is going to come out with the biggest baby muscles you will ever have seen. I should get the Guinness Records people lined up now, to measure this little kick-monster! I really am afraid for him/her to come out. Judging about the amount of abuse movement, I don't think he/she sleeps that much. We are going to be up all the time!

Good news...we do get to see the Baby2 Wednesday during our next Ultrasound! That will be pretty exciting see how much fatter and rounder the baby has gotten since December! Hopefully all will still look good. I'll be sure to put them up here as soon as I can, until then we will be dealing with our Independence-seeking children the best we can! :)


robin said...

Love the tummy! We are doing great these days. Finally starting to fall into a schedule. Lucy is up in her room singing at the top of her lungs instead of taking a nap while Maggie naps in her crib and I take some Mommy time.