Thursday, March 19, 2009

Rest of the Break

Spring Break is coming to a close, which is sad for us all. We had such a good time hanging out at home. We debated whether or not to hit the road and travel to some not-too-far exotic place. However, we decided to chill at the house and do mini-trips around STL. Man, am I glad it was such a fun, relaxing week to be hanging and playing with Bethany all week long!

Here of the things we did the rest of the break:

Messes. A lot of messes were made throughout the week. Bethany played in the Kitchen a whole bunch, dump all the toy food on the floor and cooked about 17465938 pancakes for all to eat! The best part of making messes is that as one mess was being cleaned, another mess was being created!!!!

OSide! We played a whole bunch outside. We played at the park a few times and down the street. We went for a quite a bit of walks in the stroller and wagon & even a couple to the library. Bethany really started to take a liking to her new bike Big Grandpa (aka great grandpa) got her. She doesn't reach the peddles, but she is a Master of the Pushing-Off-With-the-Feet technique!

Cuddle time! Plenty of cuddle time was had by all! We read countless books, watched a few Elmo dvd's and just plain ole cuddled whenever it deemed fit. It is amazing how much Bethany has seemed to change even over this past week.

Talking up a storm: She has become quite a little comic with some of her new phrases.
Some of her new phrases include: "I doon tink soo" (I don't think so!); "Bit up" (Get up...usually accompanied with tugging of clothing); "Bad Boy" (even if you are a girl...and a good one at that! Often comes when you are teasing her); "Top It" (Stop it! Usually directed toward Cory for some of his crazy antics and songs. However...could something innocent like us 2 adults talking); and one of my favorites "Oh, man"!
It seems she has started saying a whole bunch of new words this week including a bunch of animal names, truck, the word "umm" (when she is thinking of a response), stroller, picture, names of her cousins and aunt/uncle, play (when it is time to press play on the dvd player), lay down, and I am sure there are others...but this is what pops into my mind at the moment.
You just gotta love the barrettes. She requested all 4 that day!
Playing in her Bedroom: I realized that I never put pictures up of her new bedroom. It is pretty slick. Cory did a great job with the pictures on the wall. She loves the Elmo and Cookie Monster a bunch. She especially loves having the bookshelf Grandpa M. got her. She always goes towards it and grabs a handful of books to read!

Overall, I would say this week was a great success. I am so grateful we are able to having a week off just to hang and chill as a family. It was a great last hoorah until Baby2 comes and throws a wrench into our nice routines. However, as much of a blast Bethany is, I am sure Baby2 will be just as fun..after all she/he is coming from a pretty nice set of chromosomes!