Monday, March 16, 2009

Frosting my Cake!

A couple of days ago Bethany climbed in a chair at the kitchen table & requested some cake. We explained to her we don't have a cake made and that it was time for bed, anyway. She replied, "CAKE." I tried to explain to her that although, she did vocalize her request a bit louder, it doesn't mean that the cake will all of the sudden appear out of thin air. Cakes take time, you know! Anyhow, it was time for that was that.

Fast forward it one more day, I decided to bake a cake for us all to enjoy. So during nap time I baked a cake & it was ready to be frosted when Bethany got up. Out came two spatulas and one tub of delicious chocolate frosting. Bethany had a blast spreading the icing. She was so cute as she narrated what she was doing, "Spreeaaaddd, spreeaaaddd."

All was good....until...

she tasted the icing.

It reminded me of dogs...once they taste blood, that is all they want. Well, the same rule-of-thumb can apply to children. Once they taste the frosting...all is lost! :o)