Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Weekend & Baby2 Update

So we went a little picture crazy this weekend. I narrowed it down to just a "few" for your viewing pleasure. I doubt I'll hear too many complaints! So sit back, grab your bucket of popcorn & enjoy!


Bethany had her first Easter Egg hunt at Grandma Milles's Church. She loved it!!!! Although, it really wasn't much of a hunt, rather than picking up scattered eggs among a kabillion little 1-2 year olds! She really was sweet about it all though, she gave several of her eggs away to kids that didn't have as many!

Sitting with her loot!

With the daffodil cross at the church. What a gorgeous site!

After her first Easter Egg hunt, she had her first experience at Chuck E. Cheese!
She loved it, as you can see!
This was by far her favorite ride!

Easter Sunday:
Bethany and Daddy opened her Easter basket. She got lots of goodies including several books and a bubble blowing dog!

All I want in my basket is one beautiful baby big girl!

Going through the Easter eggs that the Easter Bunny left her. Nope...she didn't find any candy in them. Instead, all she found were a bunch of stickers and...

In the afternoon, we went to Grandma C's house and had Easter dinner. Bethany also got to color with her cousins. Here she is showing off her "scrunch face". I can't get enough of that face!!!!

Fast Forward to Wednesday:

Baby2 and I got checked out today by the doctor. We are finally to the point in our lives where we get to go to the doctor every week. The doctor says that things are still going great with my antibody levels...that is a continued blessing!

Now if you are naturally observant, you'd already have noticed that the ticker for Baby2's arrival has jumped 10 days. That is a pretty significant change (not that I am complaining!!!). So it turns out that my due date is really May 9th....NOT May 19th!!!! How amazing is that! This baby has established a-less-than-welcomed nightly routine of causing intense back pain and belly pain. As my nurse reminded me is a Big Baby.

The dr. says there is no dilation yet....but in his words, "the head is WAAAY down there!" I did ask, though, if the head is so far down, then what exactly is being jammed up in my ribs. I don't think he really had an answer for that, he just reassured me that the head is pretty far down