Saturday, May 2, 2009

Ticking Timebomb!

Well, it seems that both Bethany and I can be described as a ticking timebomb lately. Let me explain...

Timebomb Bethany: It turns out that our fevery, whiny Bethany was a victim of another ear infection (pretty bad, according to the doctor) AND she has bronchitis. Poor Bethany. So why is she a ticking timebomb...well, it turns out that she is human after all and may turn slightly whiny, impatient and fussy when she is not feeling well. She's been home 3.5 days last week (good thing I was off work). Boy, I am not sure what wears me out more a sickly Bethany or 120 7th graders. It's a toss up! Good news is that she's on her 2nd full day of antibiotics & is acting much better now!

Timebomb Mommy: Well, as I enter my 39th week...of course I feel like a ticking timebomb. Each day I this the day. So far the answer has been a big, fat NO! After my latest appointment, we've given Baby2 an eviction notice. If he or she doesn't come out on his/her own free-will by May 5th...we are going to force the poor thing out to this harsh, cruel world! We could very well have a Cinco de Mayo baby!
We are almost 100% ready for the baby...Cory just needs to figure out the boy name. I've officially decided that he can choose 1 of the 3 names we have been throwing around. After all, we were all good and decided on a boy and girl name until he mentioned the 2 other boy names recently. Kinda funny that we did this last time with our girl's name when Bethany was born. We officially decided her name 2 hours before she was born. Now, I couldn't imagine calling her anything else.


Rob said...

I bet this is already on your boy name list, but just in case it's not... how about "Miles Milles"!!

Anxiously awaiting the news of his/her arrival :)

Milles Family said...

I've actually thought Miles Milles would be a fun name. I've always liked the name Miles. But since people pronounce Milles as "Miles" half the time, I think it might be just a bit cruel. (they pronounce it "Mills" the other half of the time)!

Cory already assured me to update the blog for me while I'm at the worries!