Tuesday, May 26, 2009

3 Weeks and Counting...

Owen has been officially with us for three weeks now!

So you want to know more about Owen? Okay...here are 10 things you may or may not have already known about our lil' man.

10. It is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to feed Owen without Bethany ending up in my lap also. She LOVES him to death.
9. Owen gets nightly reports from Bethany on what she is eating for dinner. It usually goes something like this, "Owen, I eating pizza." or "Owen, I have Elmo spoon."

8. Owen loves to sleep...during the day.

7. Owen hates to sleep alone during the evening. He insists...and I mean...INSISTS on being cuddled at night.

6. Owen loves tummy time. So much...this is what usually happens....

5. Owen is the world's slowest eater. He'll start eating, then he'll fall in to a deep, undisturbable sleep. I'll set him down, 5 minutes later he is screaming bloody murder!

4. Owen typically goes through 3 outfits a day with all of his peeing incidents during diaper changes. No matter how well I think I have him covered up, he manages to soak his outfit and waste a new diaper during these changes. I am going to figure out how to out-smart him one of these days!

3. Owen makes the funniest lil' faces while he sleeps. It is rather humorous to watch him.

2. He loves to be carried around in the sling...which is making chasing after Bethany a ton easier!

1. Owen is just one of the cutest lil' boys out there!!!


Anonymous said...

You do have a beautiful family. Just keep in mind that childern are only little for a little while, and adults for a long time. Sounds like you might need a smaller diaper for that little guy! Katheryn always leaked when she slept on her side. Good Luck and God bless you all. Tonya and Katheryn Alvey