Monday, May 11, 2009

life as a family of 4

Owen has seemed to worked his way in to our family beautifully. It's hard to believe that only a week ago we were a family of 3. Cory and I had several conversations at how perfect the 3 of us were...knowing that Baby2 was about to turn our world all upside down. Well, Baby2 Owen came in and has integrated himself in seamlessly! He is a perfect fit! As an added seems that he doesn't mind the the 3 of us too much!!

Owen enjoyed his first session of Tummy Time with the company of his big sister. She is great at providing him entertainment and loves to "burp" him...whether needed or not!

Owen enjoyed survived his first sponge bath Sunday. Bethany thought it was so much fun to watch her lil; bro get all clean. She was so good at directing what body parts to clean. What a great helper!

I got to enjoy my second Mother's Day with my babies. as you'll see in the picture above Bethany got me some tulips. They are in their fancy Double Big Gulp Vase! :)
Below you'll find the best Mother's Day gift of 2 babies! You'll have to excuse my appearance. This is sans make-up, air-dried hair & w/ minimal sleep. But the babies are so adorable it is worthy to share.
Overall, life a the Milles 4 is fantastic. I especially am grateful for Cory. He is an amazing Dad and husband. He is one of the main reasons things are going so smoothly. He is constantly working on house chores, running to stores and providing entertainment for Bethany. He is definitely a great guy...just in case you were wondering! :)