Sunday, May 17, 2009

My Kids Rock!

Why do the Milles kids Rock, you ask...

Well, let me tell you!

First off, they are so cuddly and full of love! Both love to be held. Bethany, for one, loves to give hugs and kisses to everyone. She just has so much love to give. So what that it gets her in trouble at the sitters for hugging the other kids too much....there are worse things she could be guilty of!

Bethany also is such a good girl. Notice in the picture above that I finally trimmed her bangs. She sat so still and was so patient. I don't think they turned out half bad. It definitely beats paying someone $20 to just for a quick trim!

One more reason why Bethany, in particular, rocks--- tonight as I quietly went upstairs after she's been in bed for a little while, I hear her talking. I do what any mother would do, stop to eavesdrop. What I hear is, "...Grandma, Brian, Annabel...AMEN!" Our sweet lil' girl was saying her prayers and reciting what she's thankful for. It was really sweet to hear!

Don't get me wrong...Owen rocks, too.

For example, he has intermittently discovered how to suck his thumb. Sometimes it takes him a while to figure out how he had it all situated...but it's cute when he figures it all out.

Owen is still proving to be a pretty mellow baby. He just wants the, cuddling, and clean britches.

He continues to nurse well. Occasionally, I have to fight him to remain awake long enough to finish eating, but other than that he is eating like a champ. We go to the doctor tomorrow to make sure his weight is still going up.

He is amazingly responsive to being swaddled. We go from crank-pants to Mr. Happy in 2.4 seconds after being swaddled. It is pretty impressive!

Even his bouts with gas aren't to bad. Bethany used to cry for ever when she had gas. He just fusses during the uncomfortable parts...but once the gas passes he is back to being Mellow Owen!

Now...don't you agree that they rock? That's what I thought!