Friday, June 12, 2009

Checking Up

Owen had his first check-up at the dr. office this week. To show him how it's done, Bethany had a check-up too. What a devoted big sister!
Both kids did well. Here are there stats:
Owen--1month check-up:
Height: 21.25" --25th%tile
Weight: 9 lb 2 oz--25th%tile

Bethany--2 year check-up:
Height: 34.75" --75th%tile
Weight: 28lb 8oz --75th%tile

The are both meeting the milestones appropriately. It seems to me that Bethany is far above the expectations set for a 2 year-old. They are asking for 50 words and 2 to 3 word sentences. Cory and I estimate Bethany is far above 100 words...probably closer to 200 words. And I've heard sentences as complex as 6 words long coming from our lil' chatter box.

In other news...

Cory had meetings three days this week. That was my first time taking care of the two of them by myself. They aren't too terribly difficult. Bethany showed a couple fits of jealousy. When Owen needed to eat or needed to be picked up, she had a couple lil' fits. Bless Owen's heart though. He has the patience of a saint. He doesn't react to her crying & even once stopped crying when she started. It was as if he knew I could only handle one screaming kid at a time. Cory's done with meetings for now, so we can resume spoiling them both with undivided attention!

See he's totally needed around here:

Bethany also got to play in the water this week. Here are some of the adorable shots of her:
It all started with playing with her new water table.
She really enjoyed splashing around. However....

Here attention got diverted quickly to the hose.
She loves the hose..perhaps too much--as she sprays everything and everybody around