Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Problem Solved!

Our Problem:
Bethany loves her little brother so much. She really wants him to get up and play with her sooo badly. BUT he can't. So she improvises. But it makes leaving them alone for a quick potty trip or being distracted with a dinner on the oven a bit challenging and scary situation for me. How am I expected to get other things done when my lil' Owen might be "being loved" a little too much?!?! Well, I think we've figured things out. But first...here are some of the things she's come up with to make him a bit more interactive.
As he is snoozing away, Bethany starts adorning him with random toys. She also managed to successfully unswaddle him and almost successfully pulled the blanket completely away from him. The poor guy.

Yes...I did place him in his bouncy seat nice and straight. That didn't last long!
She decided it was his birthday and placed the strawberry on top of his head. What is the significance of this...I am not sure. But he does look rather cute!

Other than using her brother as a Christmas Tree...Bethany also likes to play Peek-a-Boo with him. This is a rather scary game to me...as it is my desire to make sure he lives to see another day.
Our Solution:
SO, instead of letting her have her way with lil' Owen, we've been trying to find her other constructive things to do with her time. Yesterday she got to water her trees. She loves having this responsibility, although I think she waters herself more than the plants!

Also, in order to provide her hours and hours of countless fun, Cory put together her swing set. Mind you, it is our intentions that this swing set last the 2 of them a LONG time. So, she'll still need to grow into it a bit. But so far she is LOVING it!

Cory put it together 95% by himself. He got a little him from the neighbor kid who was helping out by force from his mother as a punishment. It is rather a creative punishment for a teenager. But Cory and the neighbor kid seemed to hit it off well and Cory appreciate little help the kid had to offer. Of course, when it came to carrying the various large pieces...we had to summon help. While I am married to a marvelous man...he isn't Superman and did need a few extra muscles to carry the large contraption!

Here he is figuring out the last few steps!
Hmm...What's this for?
Finally, the last piece!

Bethany gets a sneak peak of her swing set!

Doesn't take long for her to fall in love with it!

She's even attempted the rock wall.
Which I really don't anticipate her to fully get it until next summer.
Look at me! Ready to go down!
We had to pry her away from it last night while the storm was closing in on O'Fallon. She wasn't a happy camper to go inside. But that is a good thing. Perhaps she'll use this as a jungle gym and not her poor unassuming lil' brother!