Monday, August 17, 2009

Another First Day

Today was another first day of school.

It was again hard to leave the kiddos behind. But to keep the tradition we started last year and the year before, we took our annual "First Day of School" pictures. (Make sure to click back on those links to see blasts from the pasts!) However, this year's pictures are new and improved with our Owen making his first debut!

A momma and her babes:
With Owen:

Just the ladies:

Daddy and the babes:

The men of the house:

Daddy-Daughter Time!

Gosh...aren't we a cute bunch. Poor lil' Owen didn't know what to think with all of the flashing and what not. But Bethany is lovin' any excuse to ham it up, as you can clearly see!


robin said...

You guys are lovely! Lucy named our new tub duck Cory. He likes to hang out with Daddy duck and splash a lot. I think she likes tha Cory gets "toys" for his birthday.