Sunday, August 30, 2009





Hey...isn't that what you say when you need to get someones attention? Looks like some of you really should have said, "Hey something about your blog...its been a whole week already!"

After all if Bethany has picked up on saying "Hey!" to us to get our attention, should you have known better too!?!

Well...So here you are another photo collage update.

First off, is our visit to the Festival of the Little Hills last weekend. It was such a gorgeous weekend we decided to go out and do something. Not knowing what was out there...we stumbled upon the festival (after noticing signs in Schnucks and a news broadcast).

The festival was full of people, fried-things, and crafts galore. But you want to know the highlight of the whole festival was? Well, it was by far the bus ride from the satellite parking place. Can't you tell by the picture below? Bethany was so excited to ride a school bus!!!

The nice weather has also prompted us to spend quite a bit of time outside (another excuse why the blog has been lacking posts). Bethany loves to play in the pea gravel under her swing set. It will entertain her for a nice long time! :) It would be nice though...since you know...we have to pay for the more gravel, that it wouldn't somehow magically jump out of the sandbox.
Meanwhile, all alone, in the garage Owen is chilling totally oblivious to all of the fun being had in the backyard.

Although...later in the week Owen is very much alert during the discovery of the cat and pig ear costumes that a teacher gave us for the kids. Owen and Bethany love the animal ears that Sue got them. Ok...really Bethany loves them. And what I mean when I say "Bethany loves them" really is that she loves to put them on Owen. Regardless...they are pretty cute! And Owen doesn't seem to mind Bethany dressing him up.

The poor girl is going to be in for a HUGE surprise once Owen develops wants and desires of his own. She won't always get away with dressing him up, smoothering him with kisses and invading his personal space. She best get it all in now...before he know better!

This week we also got out the Jumperoo. Bethany got this for Christmas when she was six months old. She didn't get as much use out of it as I thought, because she was just one month shy of crawling. And as you can imagine, once they start crawling they have no desire of being constrained even though we (the parents) love it just want to explore as much as possible.

Owen, on the other hand, is getting plenty of use out of the jumperoo already! He loves talking to those animals and seeing all the shiny lights and whatnots!

Finally, Bethany started teaching Owen sign language. She loved learning sign language when she was little.

*sigh* Since when is she no longer little?

I digress...

Anyhow...she knew tons of signs and used them all the time. We can't wait to get Owen started signing with us...but it looks like we are going to have a little help this time around!
I hope this week lag between posts doesn't become a routine. There is always a ton of things going on in this house that are totally worth of your knowledge...but since school has is just more hectic. We are pretty conscientious about using our time wisely during the school week. When the kids are awake, we try to focus all of our attention on them & when they aren't awake we are trying to get caught up with work!

Sooo, dear readers, bare with us.

And if you need to...

Shout out...