Sunday, December 6, 2009

Puzzled Children

Both Milles children have faced some puzzling situations lately....or of them had a situation where he made puzzling faces!

Bethany has graduated from the wooden plug-in-the-hole puzzles to the big girl puzzles. She loves making us get down with her as we put together the puzzles. She is really getting the hang of it, as you can see...

Look at the proud lil' scrunch face!

Now on to the situations were Owen makes puzzling faces.
Wanna know the culprit is for these funky faces?
Look closely in his hand...
Yup...Gerber puffs!
They boy hasn't decided if he likes them yet. He will just chump on it with these funky faces. He can't quite feed himself yet, as he hasn't mastered the pincher grasp. But, I don't think it will take long for him to have this mastered!

I hope he likes them anyhow...I hear Santa likes to put those in infant's stockings! :-) sssshhhhh