Sunday, December 13, 2009

What Parenting has Taught Me!

I have had a lot of lessons as a parent. I figured I should pass on some of those lessons to you.

1) Sometimes you have to put the babies in unconventional places in order to keep tabs on them.
Maybe it is just to help them get over a funk...but what is a quicker way to cheer them up other than do something that they don't expect!
2) Kids. Remember. EVERYTHING.

Perhaps, we buy a snack once at Sam's Club...then all of the sudden everytime we go to Sam's we are now asked to buy snacks.
Or it could be that you (you know, hypothetically speaking) accidently say a certain word (perhaps it is the cr*p word). Well...when the 7 mo old spits up in a certain 2 year old's room, the 2 year old may or may not have said, "Oh Cr*p". Nope...this lil' girl would never hear such a word. Not in our house!
3) Kids like to do it themselves. Whether it is playing with PlayDoh.
Or if is getting something off the shelf that is too high and it requires the dragging of a chair or stool halfway across the house to access the "gotta have" object.
Sometimes the gotta do it myself attitude leads to a few (ahem, well) a lot of sprinkles...

that's a snowman!

3) Kids like to be involved with the food preparation process. And you let them . This may create 10 times the work for you, but they are so amazingly proud that they scrambled their own egg or they beat the cake themselves...that it is worth the extra spills, extra clean-up and extra time!

4) Along the same line of food do what it takes to make sure your kids eat. And yes...sometimes sprinkles on the hotdog.
5) You really gotta pay attention to what your baby does as well! If he starts to die of laughter when you lay him down to change his prepared for a 10 wipe doozing waiting for you in his britches.
6) Finally, you just aren't gonna get the kids to pose nicely for pictures. Nope. No matter how badly you want them to sit still.

Just after two and a half short years we have learned a lot! God only knows what other lessons those two lil' boogers have in store for us!