Tuesday, December 1, 2009

What do you see?

Today we saw such a gorgeous sky as we drove to the sitters at the crack of dawn! The red clouds sprawled across the lightening sky much like the picture below...

Well, this girl....

This girl didn't see red clouds caused the by the diffraction of the light rays as the sun peaked above our horizon.

Instead she saw... Juice!!!

We had this conversation on the way to work today:

Bethany: Juice!
Us: Huh?
Bethany: Juice. Up there! (points to clouds) Juice in Sky!
Us: Yes, sweetie, that does look like juice in the sky! (as we try to not die from laughter!)

Gosh, I love toddlers! I totally will put up with all of the over-tired, don't-want-to-wear-anything-but-my-pajama tantrums if I can continue to get a glimpse inside that amazing head of hers. The connections she makes are just so astounding! :)