Saturday, December 19, 2009

Winter is Here!*

Well it's official! (well, actually it's not scientifically official)

Winter is here! (you know...but not really here)

Wanna know how I know winter has arrived to the Milles household? is all because Santas have been made! Complete with gloves on his legs and buttons in his beard.

And Gingerbread Trains have been assembled!

and decorated! Icing has even been licked off fingers, spoons and even the table!
The first snow has fallen...which results in the first snow suit having been purchased...along with cute green boats!
When Bethany first saw the snow this morning she said, "Look! Snow outside! Isn't it cute!"

Sicknesses have also finally confirmed the "start" of winter. Poor lil' guy is so wheezy and icky feeling! Look, you can totally see it in his eyes!
So that is how I know that Winter has started in our house!

*As a science teacher I have the academic responsibility to tell you that Winter starts during the Winter Solstice. The solstice is Dec. 21st this year. The solstice marks the 1 day of the year where there is the least amount of daytime, due to the Earth tilting away from the Sun!