Monday, November 15, 2010

C. David Milles

Man...another 11 days have slid by and I didn't post anything.  I apologize to all of my adoring, non-commenting readers and stalkers out there.  My goal is to blog at least twice a week, if not more often; but as life gets busy, blogging is one of the first things to be sacrificed (along w/ quality time w/hubby--don't even ask me the last time we actually had a date...).    I tell ya, balancing life as a working mama is tough. Working, spending quality time w/ the 2 kiddos, planning decent lessons, grading papers, keeping up w/ a clean house...that is all tough stuff. 

Plus, it is November.  You know what means, right? It is NaNoWrMo (National Novel Writing Month). 

Here is Cory's progress on this novel as of today:

This is Cory's second time partaking in NaNoWrMo.  Last year he wrote the book, "Redemption."  It is a cult classic at the building where we teach.  Cory only printed 4 or 5 copies of the book. These kids are having a blast reading it and passing it on to their friends, moms, cousins, etc.   Then, they get so excited to share that feedback with Cory.   I've had a couple people tell me that "Redemption" is their favorite book they've ever read.

As Cory is writing his 4th novel (yes, 4th), he is being the most elusive yet.  I didn't know Cory when he wrote his first nonfiction book on Christianity.  But with "Chupacabra" and "Redemption" Cory shared with me the basic premise of the story.  This time, I had to keep on badgering him for the names of the main characters. He is being VERY Lemony-Snicket-like!

I am proud of his progress on this book. He is nearly half-way done with this novel and while he is trying to maintain his progress on this goal, Cory is also a kick-butt dad, teacher and husband.  Cory still does 99% of the dishes, 85% of the laundry and 100% of dinner-Owen-induced-disaster-clean-ups. I said he is a kick-butt dad. Look at them in their matching t-shirts.  
When the lil' stinkers are fussy, tired or just plain ol' crabby...he can get them chipper in no time at all. I tend to cuddle and love on them, but he is able to turn their mood around completely.  You really need to see them playing "Tigers" where two of them chase the third one around. They get crazy loud.  But is awesome not only to see how much the kids adore him...but he is an active dad.  He knows what makes these kids happy, mad, sad, etc.  He knows their favorite foods, shows, toys.  I see so many other dads out there that really don't know who their children are and what makes them run. 

Owen, Bethany and I are so blessed to have Cory in our lives. He is such a spectacular dad and husband.  I've always told my own father, "Anyone can be a Father, but it takes someone special to be a Daddy."  I am so glad that my children have this man to call "Daddy!"