Thursday, November 4, 2010

God is Bigger than Big!

That is right!  God is bigger than big.
He's stronger than strong.
He's mightier than mighty;

Man, reading that is something.
But want to know what is better than just reading those words on a blog?
Well, you need to listen to a good 2 dozen kids singing/yelling those words during worship service. 

Bethany joined the Sunbeams choir at church this fall. She is loving it!
It is so exciting to see her learning about God and loving God!

While I don't know how much she understand about God, Jesus, Adam/Eve, Jonah, etc.  She does know that God is Large and in charge.  Throughout our conversations she knows that God is the reason for everything. If I try to scientifically explain something to her, like, why people get bigger as they get older...she often corrects me and says, "We get bigger because God wants us to." 

Now...sometimes God comes up in a conversation in non-conventional ways.  
See the example:

Me: Bethany! Stop drinking the bath water! That is disgusting! Why are you doing that?
Bethany: Because God told me.

It is super cute, though, when she does something "naughty".  For example sometimes she says silly things like, "I'm going to hit you."  She then says "sorry" to me and God.  Now that...that is pretty cute. I don't know where she got that idea from. But isn't it sweet?