Monday, November 1, 2010

Lil' Pumpkins

This had to be one of the best Halloweens to date. 
If you don't have kids, I gotta tell ya...they make any holiday ten times better.

Owen really got into painting his first pumpkin ever!

Bethany is an old pro at painting pumpkins, as this is her second year at it.  This year, she had a couple *ahem* issues. The problem was she'll paint the pumpkin, then she decided to wipe it clean after a while and start fresh.  After about, oh I don't know, a million times cleaning off her pumpkin, she finally settled on an abstract color display.

On Halloween, we met Jenny, Danie and Bryan up at the mall to trick-or-treat.  The Newtons totally showed up our family as they were ALL dressed up for the holiday.  Aren't they a smashing group?

Bethany and Owen had a great time at the mall.  Well, Bethany had a great time. Owen wimped out half-way through.  We are thinking that he got himself all worked up because of the kabillion people there and all the scary costumes.  He was just not feeling it & cried & cried.  But when Bethany fell asleep in car on the way home...Owen couldn't stop pointing and laughing at her. That definitely cheered the lil' guy (well, that and the pretzel snack we got at the mall before we left).

Before we trick-or-treated around the neighborhod, we tried to get a classic shot of the lil' ones.   Getting the lil' boogers to sit pretty and pose for me was a little challenge.  When posing the kids outside, I learned you need to move all distracting objects out of the way.    The pumpkin....ya...that will be a prime example of a distracting object...

But eventually, we got a great shot of our lil' Tinkerbell and

one of our lil' SpongeBob.