Sunday, November 21, 2010

New Camera

Christmas (and my birthday for the next 5 years) has come early to the Milles house.  This past week, my parents gave us an awesome Canon EOS Digital Rebel XS camera.  I'll tell you what....I need to add this camera to the forever growing list of things that are smarter than me.

I am planning on taking a class to learn how to operate this thing and to get the biggest bang for my buck.  The good news about this camera is that I also have a super nice Canon EOS film camera.  I have lots of lenses and whatnots for that camera & from my understanding those two cameras can share parts! That is fun!!!

Well, here are a few shot I took while fiddling with the different settings.

I used two of most favorite subjects to practice using this camera. 
I've learned a lot while shooting away at these lil' guys.

 I learned that sometimes your subject might be a tad bit blurry & in the dark.

And when your subject is screaming and your shutter time is too long...he'll be a fuzzy mess. 

Sometimes your subject is just gorgeous!

While at other times he rolls out of the shot!

Or manages to make a mess while you get distracted w/ the shiny buttons on the camera.

Typically your subject may have a sibling that is also a good person to shoot. 
Even if she insists on eatting odd things... 

Or sleeps on the job.

But occassionally...if you try hard enough, you may get some good shots...
even some w/out pants on!

Hopefully, in the next few months you'll notice some pretty awesome pictures of these kiddos and our crazy family happenings! :o)