Saturday, July 11, 2009

Fishies, Monkeys & Piggies!

It seems at times that we have a full-fledged zoo at the Milles house. Yesterday, a few more "animals" came out to play!

First out to play were the Fishies! You might recall these from two years ago when Bethany played with them. These fishies have proven to be pretty versatile, as you will see in a second.

The fishes may be played with by yourself, as demonstrated by our favorite lil' man.

Not only will the fishies entertain a 2-month-old, but they will provide plenty of fun times for a two-year-old! **That is once she figures out how to get under there without destroying it.**
You can even play together with these Fantasticly Flexible Fishies!

Although, your little brother may prefer to be alone...

Next up in our Milles zoo are the Monkeys (and frogs and birds). Owen has recently discovered animals hovering timidly above his head during swing-time. He loves to watch them chase each other in a perpetual circle. He has even learned that they aren't bad conversationalist as he is often found talking to them!
Bethany got to have some up close and personal time with her own lil' piggies. We painted her piggies yesterday for the first time. I told her that after her nap we will trim her nails and "color" her toes. I was not in her room but for 2 seconds after nap time and she excitedly exclaimed, "TOES!!!".
Keeping good to my word, I trimmed all her nails & proceeded to paint her toes. After they were done, I did what I also do....blow of them. This seemingly innocent action resulted in her crying:

"Toes Hot! Toes Hot!!!""

"No, Sweetie, your toes aren't hot, they are wet."

"No, Bet-an-ni toes hot! Bet-an-ni toes hot"

"Sweetie, see" (touching her toes) "Your toes are ok."

Although, it did take her awhile to muster up the courage to walk on her freshly-painted toes! However, by the time her daddy came up...she couldn't wait to show them off!
So, there you have. The Milles Funny Farm Zoo!