Friday, July 10, 2009

Owen's Outrageous Outie!

A short week or two after Owen as born his umbilical cord stump fell off and what was left was a beautiful innie belly button (or belly butt if you ask Bethany what it is called).

However, 2 weeks ago the cute innie turned into a mushy outie. You push it and you hear liquids moving about. Kinda freaking...but kinda cool at the same time.

Yesterday, we went to the doctor for Owen's 2 month check up and learned that Owen has an umbilical hernia. It is no big deal, really. It is when the muscles are not completely developed & are weak in the naval region. This allows his intestines to poke through his belly button. Now that is kinda gross, but then again, very intriguing. Click Here to read more about herniated navels. They say it should clear up by the age of 4. So, until then he is just gonna have a extra large and squishy outie! Here are a couple pics of it!

Other than the navel, here are Owen's stats from his dr. visit:
  • Weight: 12lb 3 oz --> 50th %tile
  • Height: 22.5 " --> 25th %tile
  • Head Circumfance: 16.5" --> 90-95th %tile
He has a big head! Much like his sister did/does. I made a comment to the doctor at how he is outgrowing clothes because his head won't fit...not so much because his belly is too big. When the doctor started to check Owen out, she looked at his head (as she always does to see how the skull is fusing, etc) she commented, "He really does have a big head." She is a pretty soft-spoken doctor. I was surprised to hear her comment on his head! But...I like to think that they have such big heads to hold all of their brains.