Saturday, July 25, 2009

Goldfish Galore!

Got a riddle for you.


What do you get when you cross:
2 distracted parents, 1 toddler and an unlatched pantry door?

Need a hint....

Didn't do anything for you. Ok, how's this for a hint...

Got the picture now? see it right. She got out the Gold Fish, a "bowl" and a spoon. She managed to make herself a bowlful of Gold Fish crackers.

Oh no...a couple of gold fish still remain in the box. She best shake the remanding few out! Don't want them to feel lonely!'s empty!
After being instructed to pick them up, she decided to eat them instead! I guess, technically, she is following the directions!
Okay Mom, I will put them back in the bag.

I guess next time we need to be more aware of what the 2-year-old is getting into. After all, how long was she at this task? She had to get the gold fish...dig out a spoon...and find the tuperware container. All the while, Cory and I were in the kitchen (1 on the computer & 1 reading the paper).

Moral of the Story: Watch your Children for, pete's sake, or you will have Goldfish all over the place!