Friday, July 24, 2009

More Firsts...

This was my first time back to work, as I had a few days of meetings this past week. It is nice to have a couple extra bucks in our pockets from going to these meetings...but I missed my babies so much! Here is a few things we've been up to this past week:

Bethany found herself in the driver seat of the car for the first time. She was so proud to help us clean the car!

Bethany has started her first swim lessons. She LOVES them. She is always talking about what she does at her lessons.
Bet-an-ni plays toys.
Bet-an-ni goes down slide.
Bet-an-ni bus up-down. (That is referring to when we sing wheels on the bus.)
She was one of the brave toddlers to conquer the toddler slide on the first day! She could go down the slide all day long, if it were up to her!

Bethany helps Owen wear his first purse. Really, I wasn't anticipating Owen ever having a purse...but whatever. He doesn't seem to mind it.

We decided to give Owen his first taste of cereal. He loved it. We loved the fact that he is sleeping longer. He has decided to bless us with some of our first nights of good sleep in a long, long time! Thank you Owen!

Bethany had a blast helping Owen eat for the first time. She ran over to the silverware drawer to get herself a spoon to help feed her lil' bro. Now, she asks when it is time for Owen to eat again. Isn't she just too sweet!

Bethany decided to play pretend for the first time this week. She got out her trusty Elmo doctor kit, put on her stethoscope and insisted that she was Dr. Rozin (her pediatrician). She loves having one of us being her lil' guinea pig as she takes our temperatures, put on band aids and measures our blood pressure. I am sure we are in good hands
I am sure there will be many more firsts to come for our family. I am just grateful to be apart of all of these! The one first I wouldn't mind putting off for a while would be the first day of school....but I fear that it is looming in the corner...getting ready to pounce any day now. But until that day, I will be soaking in every second of these two beauties!