Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bethany's Birthday!

Bethany's birthday came with much anticipation from the 3-year-old. It is the first birthday she knew enough to be excited about! Look at that face as she opens presents first thing in the morning from Daddy, Owen and I.
Even Owen was super excited about his Big Sister turning 3 years old!

Bethany loved, no I mean, LOVED her Dora backpack!

The birthday girl did take a long enough break to pose with her lil' brother. Before going outside to play.

Cory and Owen even shared some love on Bethany's birthday.

Since we didn't want to leave the house while we are still trying to figure out the whole potty, thing. We had our first ever picnic in the backyard. Please ignore Bethany's and my faces. I don't know what we were truly we were happy.
Owen loved his french fries....well...until he decided to throw all of his food in the grass for the birds.

After the picnic, it was cake time. Bethany requested a Dora cake! She really wanted a "hot, fire candle" on her cake. She was a pro at blowing it out.
At the end of the day she played in her p.j.'s, Super Girl cape with her Princess Castle from her Big Grandpa.
It was a super fantastic Birthday. She loved her presents, the attention and picnic & cake. I loved the fact that she did so well on the potty! She is making great progress~