Saturday, June 5, 2010

Her and Him

Here is a little about her and him.


Well, she has been visited by the Underwear Princess and all her diapers have disappeared! In exchange she got a few gifts from the U.P.
She has been working on Potty Training. Here was step 1: over coming the fear of sitting on the jon. Yup...she is fully clothed...but it was a step in the right direction. She's also showing off the Dora phone the U.P brought her.
Day 3 of Potty Training: After a couple of fits and tantrums...she's getting the hang of it. She is slowly making improvements. She now will stop what she is doing when she feels the urge and grab my hand to head to the jon. We've had three good pees in the pot. No #2's yet. But that will come...I am sure of it! :O) Look how big she is now!

He is such a goober...look, we finally found a hat that fits over that head of his...
Bethany and I made a house out of some cardboard. Owen loved it! :O)

She even made a door for him and her dolls to go through.
Surprisingly, he fit through! :O)

He also enjoyed swinging this evening. Bethany earned sometime outside when she went potty. She really wanted to bring the lil' man along. He loved it!

We even found some visitors while we were outside. This two were taking a break when we intruded. I think the lil' one was learning to fly. Eventually they left. But remarkably, they let Bethany climb a few rungs on the ladder without even moving. It was crazy!
Wish us luck as we continue to Potty Train. The goal is for her to be well on the way before Owen's surgery (which we still don't have a date). Ultimately, she needs to be "independently trained" by preschool in August. That's a scary thought! :O)