Friday, June 25, 2010

Pools and Public Potties

We went swimming today.  I have to say it was an absolute blast.  It was just me and the two littles. I wasn't sure how it would turn out...after all I was completely out numbered. But with Bethany being such a pretty good listener and familiar with the pool, I thought it would be worth a shot.

So here we are at the pool...

You'll have to excuse the quality of the pictures & lack of decent pictures. I was proud to manage to keep track of the two of the kiddos. There was no way I was gonna bring the camera too far into the pool. :o)

Anyway.  The pool we go to was indoors and has a fantastic kiddo section. Bethany loves it. You can see a glimpse of it in the background of Owen's picture. 

When we got in the pool, Owen became ridiculously clingy.  Bethany is the clingy one...not Owen. I was a bit surprised when he started holding on to me for his dear life.  I then realized this was his first ever trip to the pool.  Being the poor 2nd child he is, I didn't even realize the specialness of this trip for him.  You know, I clearly remember Bethany's first time in the pool and was so excited for her. *sigh*  I already am short-changing our second born.

Bethany had a blast going around the playground structure in the kiddie area.  After a while, we ventured out into the big pool (after I put a flotation device on Bethany to aid in my carrying her).  There is an awesome lazy river at this pool place. Bethany loves going around it. Owen was okay with this process. He probably could've done without the water spraying and dumping on him from the different contraptions.  He shrieked the whole time we went around. But I think it was an this-is-a-huge-room-and-everyone-is-loud-so-I-can-be-loud shriek, not a holy-cow-I-am-scared-to-death shriek.

One of the highlights of our field trip was that Bethany went potty at the toilet at the pool.  What's that you say? You don't understand the significance of this event?   Oh, let me tell you. She will only use one potty. It is her little potty with the nice cushy seat.  Oh yeah, we have two potties with cushy seats...but she will only use this one.  This girl has one particular tushie. the pool she said she had to go. SO we went to the jon.  While in the jon I was trying to wrangle Owen (who still CAN'T WALK & must be held), while trying to coax her to use the jon.  She was in pain...doubled over...had to go.  But refusing to go on that big toilet. She wants her potty.  She starts screaming. Loudly. Very, Very Loudly.  Really, any reasonable adult outside the bathroom should've reported the commotion. It was ridiculous.  However, somehow. She started going on the toilet. Success!  We did it. We used a potty that wasn't our own overly cherished throne.  

We suit back up, wash hands and head back in the pool.  Then get this...10 minutes later she wants to go again!  Ha! Isn't that awesome!  So back we went to the family locker room.  Then this annoying lady (notice not a lady with family...just lady) goes in the potty we needed (the one with the chair for Owen to sit as we work on using the potty). Annoying Lady takes FOREVER in the potty. Hello! There is a woman's locker room you should use lady...not family locker room!  It turns out she is using it for a dressing room to change her outfit and even do her make-up. (even though there were three empty dressing rooms that she already passed to get to the potty).  But after the girl is done, Bethany does her business again! Sweet Success!!!

Hopefully, this is the beginning to our voyage to use Public Potties any- and everywhere! I am hoping that since we managed to jump over this hurdle, we can tackle the whole going #2 on the potty hurdle. Then we will be set, only having to do it again for the Little Man in a year or so.