Thursday, June 17, 2010


Seems that we are testing how things work around here. We are testing limits, testing patience and testing our parents'abilities to forgive. I know. She is pretty adorable. Do I really mean she is testing the limits. This one? Oh heck ya!

This potty training business is more than learning where to put the poop and pee. It is more about asserting independence and making her voice heard. Believe me. We hear it! So does half of the metropolitan area. The other day we had a melt down. Code Red Meltdown. It was insane. Cory heard the meltdown. From outside. Under the deck. was one of those meltdown. The catalysis of this meltdown was good ole #2. We won't get into specifics of that situation. But what my thoughts were during and after the crisis-of-the-century.

She was a screamin', a kickin', a throwin', the whole nine yards. It was frustrating. I just want what is best for her. She needs to learn the valuable life skill of pooing in the potty. There is absolutely nothing wrong with my intentions. Yet she fights me. Repeatedly.

I sat there. During her tantrum. Thinking about what my options are: spanking, yelling, grabbing her, sitting, singing, praying, soothing. I decided to sit, pray and soothe her. I ignored the screaming, validated her feelings and explained my desires for her. Then I wondered.

How often are we kicking and screaming through life. Through what is best for us. Poor God. He just looks at us and shakes his head. "Really," He must think. "Really, you are throwing a fit over this."

But what is amazing is that He forgives. He lets us throw our tantrums. He lets us deviate from the desired course. Then, when we are ready He welcomes us back--with open arms--always.

How amazing is that! It was those thoughts that pulled me through the tantrum. She will come to the realization that pooping in the potty isn't the end of the world. She'll turn around. I know it. I will not (even though it was hard) hold a grudge or be upset with her because of the fit. As soon as the ability to hear returned to my ears and the screaming, kicking and all was over; she became my sweet, clingy, wanna-eat-dinner-on-my-lap lil' girl again. Just like that. She flipped the switch.

We do that too. All too often we screw up, then out of the clear blue we have a change of heart and then we want to be good with God again. And you know what the amazing thing is...we are. We are always good with God, when we truly, sincerely want to be.

If God's forgiveness is for those who ask for it. Even those who do the most horrendous of offenses; then why shouldn't I forgive my lil' one for her tantrums and snits. After all. He already has.