Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Party @ the Park!

This weekend we had a party at the park for my two favorite kiddos.

It was HOT! Really, Really, Really, Hot!

But so were the slightly-ironic-in-the-sweltering-heat-underwater-themed decorations...check it out.

Aside from having great decorations, we had our some pretty wonderful guests.
They were really, really cute as you will see in Owen's BFF Bryan.
Bethany had a great time playing with everyone and pretty much losing her weight in sweat. The poor girl looked as if she's been swimming.

Owen managed to stay a lil' cooler by munching on random snacks that he sweet-talked anyone and everyone to hand to him.
The absolute highlight of the party was when Bethany's "Favorite Friend" arrived. She was looking forward to have her long-lost playmate around.

They became pretty much inseparable...even while posing with the fish cake.

and eating their first ever fun-dips!
but....two seconds after that last picture...an out-of-no-where gust of wind came. This wind knocked over full cups of soda, whipped the stacks of plates in the air like nothing, blow over bowls of chips and ripped the fun-dips out of the lil' girls hands. This storm. Came. Out. of. nowhere! We hastily packed up and headed back to the safety our house for present time.

Even though the party went from 90+ degree weather to hold-on-to-the kids gusts of wind...it was still a great way to celebrate the birthdays of the two best kiddos around. They deserved to be the center of attention for a lil' while...even if the party ended all to suddenly.

Besides...they didn't seem to be too scarred from the abrupt and dramatic ending to their party.


Bryan said...

Love the party pics. Bryan enjoyed going to Bethany and Owen's birthday party.

Bryan said...

Great pics. Bryan loved attending his first party and is looking forward to see you at his party in a couple of weeks.