Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Feeding Time

Feeding time is always interesting when you have kiddos around. Especially kiddos with colds. They just aren't eating like normal.

So in order to motivate the Lil' Man to eat, I gave him a spoon with his apple sauce. He couldn't be any more proud of himself. Look at that smile!

Of Course, big sister wanted a picture of her using a spoon, too. We didn't let her use a spoon until she was 18 months...I didn't want to deal with the mess. Call me lazy. Well...he is only 12 months and actually not doing half bad!

Sometimes at feeding time we need to see what color our tongue has changed to after eating different foods. This is what your tongue looks like after applesauce is consumed. Intriguing, I know!

Now Lil' Man is wondering if the spoon will be just as useful with fish sticks. It doesn't look to promising...

More see-food. This time Mash Tators...

Look Mom at What I can do! I don't think he cares that the spoon is in the wrong way nor does he care that no food was on it. (BTW...he insisted on holding their toy cookie cutter the entire meal. I have no idea why he was so attached it it yesterday...but with 1-year-olds, I don't try to understand their logic!)

Hopefully these colds go away and our appetites return. But until then we will do what we can...letting the lil' feed himself resulting in a huge mess and all.